In Conversation – Sashiko Yuen

Sashiko Yuen is the woman behind a lively and imaginative realm of paintings under the name “Wishcandy”. A sugary world made up of vibrant haired knife wielding women and food erotica, dripping with color. We talked to her about her process and inspirations.

Judith Jones

September 17, 2014 | The Coffee Table Book | Fall 2014


Your work is vivid and at times depicts female sexuality. What influences do you draw from in your work?

Life, the women I know, the women I wish to know, fashion, film, food, travel, the color of light any given day. Influences for an artist are fleeting and hard to pinpoint.

What is the origin of the name “Wishcandy”?

It’s been so long I can barely recall, it seems like that’s the art name I was born with.

Is there any message (if any) or feeling you want to leave your viewer with?

That anyone can do anything, we’re all capable, and just say fuck it to societal expectations.



Who are your favorite artists?

A lot of contemporary Japanese artists are cranking out fantastic work. Aya Takano, Yoshitomo Nara, Hikari Shimoda. I’ve been in love with art forever, so i could sit for a whole day and list out people who are making amazing work.

What are the stories behind your artwork?

The stories are up to the viewer to interpret. Art is so personal, if you want the true meaning and symbolism in my work you’d need to take me out to dinner and dessert first.

How often do you produce work?

As often as my hands, my physical health, and mental health will allow me.

When creating, what are your tools or mediums of choice?

To be frank, i use just about everything. Depends on [my] mood and the desired effect. Water-color, pencils, oils, doesn’t matter. An artist’s language transcends medium.





Judith Jones is a full time student and part time artist. She is a political science major minoring in women’s studies at Agnes Scott College. When she isn’t writing she dabbles in DIY projects, painting or blogging at her confused style blog, Simple But Chic.

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