Tired of Flower Crowns

Floral for summer? Groundbreaking. Don’t cry, your personal stylist is here to help with your summertime sadness.

Andrea Eyssautier

June 27, 2014 | Festival | May 2014

It seems Summer has become synonymous with ‘Festival Season’. Glastonbury just wrapped up in the UK, and Chicago’s Pitchfork and Montreal’s Osheaga are still to come (just to name a few). With lineups getting more insane each year, we’re left excited, exhausted, and craving more and more live music. For all of those lucky people that are attending a music festival, here are some fashion looks to light up the whole place.

For the ladies, in case you’re completely tired of flower crowns, neon, and , we have an alternative, a little grungier, but still summery and perfect for music festivals. With a little inspiration from Vogue and Sky Ferreira, we thought this simple outfit will be the best for you.

5 (1) copie

Starting with a silver metallic skirt, or shorts, (these ones are from the Versace S/S 2014 collection) you’re gonna love how stylish this can look with oversized tees, I personally love this Morph8ne t-shirt, the prints from this store are killer and very comfortable, especially if you’re dancing like crazy in the sun.


I thought that a pair of black sneakers will look great with the outfit, but to make it more fashionable we decided a pair of black buckled boots will do the trick too. Also they’re very easy to walk on and you can find them everywhere at affordable prices. Last but not least, 80s purple have the best sunglasses ever when it comes to retro or round styles, this cat looking ones captured our attention and look sick with the whole outfit!


Another option, in case you’re crazy about floral stuff, is this Balmy Nights Dress from Dolls Kill, it looks gorgeous and gives you a Gatsby vibe that makes you look super fancy, and super comfy at the same time! Perfect for really hot days, like when you’re jumping around, listening to your favourite band, and to make it even more chick and comfortable we thought this pair of White Chunky Sandals will make it impossible for anyone not to be jealous.

If you feel a little lost when it comes to the Beauty Essentials, a friend of mine that is very dedicated in the subject recommended this:

6 (1)



As for the gentlemen, a monochromatic touch will make everything look fantastic without having to make a lot of effort. Gladiator sandals (or chunky sandals) are your new best friend! Z Zegna S/S 2008 collection has a lot of these gorgeous sandals, don’t hesitate in checking them out. Also, we’ve seen that the minimalist touch in your looks will be absolutely great, specially this season, try to keep it cool and don’t exaggerate too much, get comfy!


Here are some examples from which you can get a little inspiration, personally I think Matt Healy -from the 1975- really knows what he’s doing when it comes to his clothing. As he said, his style is “black, and expensive”. Check out his amazing floral kimono, it looks really nice with black or white outfits, but when you mix some color and you do it right, it is killer. No one will stop looking at you, I promise you’ll be in everyone’s Instagram, known as the most stylish boy ever.

And here’s what I would wear if I had the chance to go to Glastonbury… *sigh*


– Parental Advisory top, Leather Leggings or Black Disco Pants, and White Creepers.


Andrea Eyssautier

Andrea Eyssautier is a Mexican student from a small town near the USA border. An aspiring fashion photographer, she loves anything related to art, painting, fashion, photography or vegan food. She 16 and a sophomore in High School. To see my work or talk to her you can follow her tumblr or her fashion blog.

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