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Style of a Certain Age

Does how we dress influence who we are? Can personal style bridge the generation gap? After all, what are we if not just naked bodies draped in cloth?

Soft Machine

A synonym for the human body taken from the William S. Burroughs novel, this series of iPhone photos refers to a literal fusing of humankind and technology-kind. Singularity is inevitable; let’s have fun while we’re still human.


Carnival in Adelaide

Every year for one month the small town of Adelaide comes to life. Performers and entertainers of every kind flock to celebrate the joy of art and all things unearthly. For a brief but exciting time, the freaks and creatives are transported to a place which reflects and welcomes them.


Fragile Fractals

By Irene Moray


Surface Memories

Some instances of looking where you’re going, noticing where you are, and trying to solidify that you are always being held together by something.


New Glow

“Covering all the ugly parts and making sure the brighter ones become bigger again.”


Mornings: Naked Routine

A quiet morning spent with a coffee and cigarette.


Be Who I See

Looking back, you shouldn’t have fought it.


We Are Nothing

The World’s First Anti-Camouflage Suit


I Can Feel It

One day when you’re up to it, the atmosphere will get lighter, and two suns ready to shine, just for you.