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Mark Zuckerberg, I Have No Friends

600 friends online and no one will return my texts.

May 29, 2014 |


So Close, So Far: Racism & the Non-Conversation

“All of the young and affluent, from New England, from the West Coast, from Delaware — with degrees in social justice and peace politics — unable to have a conversation with the very demographic they spent hours defending in sociological capstone papers for well intentioned professors.”

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Warm Bud Light Lime: Bonnaroo Story

It’s the kind of memory that will always seem special even though it was so small and insignificant.

a million girls

All Things Roll In

The cold is comforting—it commands that we all wrap up in blankets and giant coats and sip black coffee all morning.

March 1, 2014 |


I Am Dead

All the schedules, appointments, routines, dreams, desires, every imperceptible force that surrounds you and drags you through your day is left in stasis for 7 or 8 hours.

February 28, 2014 |

drug dealer boyfriend

My Boyfriend Was a Drug-Dealer

He was exciting; he liked my musical tastes; he listened to me when I talked. That’s pretty much all I needed to know: I had to have him.

January 29, 2014 |


My Dead

Sweating out the notorious ‘5 Stages of Loss and Grief’.

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The Hunger

My body didn’t like getting smaller.

November 30, 2013 |