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In Conversation – Daniel Guerrero Fernández

The San José, Costa Rica-based illustrator and artist is inspired by Raf Simons sneakers, Nintendo DS, and a desire to be more productive.


In Conversation – Sashiko Yuen

Sashiko Yuen is the woman behind a lively and imaginative realm of paintings under the name “Wishcandy”. A sugary world made up of vibrant haired knife wielding women and food erotica, dripping with color. We talked to her about her process and inspirations.

Rachel Sullivan thumb

Queen of Versailles

Become your own Queen Bey. You are good enough to rule your own kingdom.

Gå Bajs

Portraits of Brief Encounters

“I wanted to take my finger and rub it over your wide, gleaming teeth… but I was told that probably wasn’t a good idea.”

January 30, 2014 |

humans cake

Cake People

The classic Cake vs. Frosting debate ~ it’s a metaphor, y’all.