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Kate Bush circa Never for Ever (1980)

Waking the Witch

Originally persecuted as a threat to Christendom — pop culture made witches into sexy, powerful and rebellious women, appealing to a whole new era of teenaged Tumblr aestheticists.

February 23, 2016 |


Outfitting the Technological Revolution

The hacktivist’s guide to style.

December 1, 2015 |



Now I can’t finish my cigarette, but as annoying as my newfound habit is—especially on uppers—, you smirk when I say it tastes like stale garlic hummus. “I think it’s cute you listen,” you tell me, “People rarely do.”

July 4, 2014 |


My Online Life Is In Shambles

What if I decide I don’t want a “personal brand” anymore?

June 20, 2014 |

sad-mark-zuckerberg art

Mark Zuckerberg, I Have No Friends

600 friends online and no one will return my texts.

May 29, 2014 |


So Close, So Far: Racism & the Non-Conversation

“All of the young and affluent, from New England, from the West Coast, from Delaware — with degrees in social justice and peace politics — unable to have a conversation with the very demographic they spent hours defending in sociological capstone papers for well intentioned professors.”

margeaux gold quote

All that Glitters Isn’t Platinum, Copper, or Gold

We’re trading humanity for hatred, humanity for technology. Humanity’s a bitch.

shiny twists collage

Shiny Twists

Cambodia, Namibia, Greenland, groceries, laundry, and taxes.

a million girls

All Things Roll In

The cold is comforting—it commands that we all wrap up in blankets and giant coats and sip black coffee all morning.

March 1, 2014 |

dance article working

Landing on Grace

Somewhere in my controlled and easily embarrassed body, there is a desire to perform.