400 Rabbits of the Apocalypse

Burrow yourself in the well of poetry. The Rapture is near. @__@

Kellie Hogan

May 29, 2014 | Summer 2014

Steven Artelle is a writer living in Ottawa, Canada. I was introduced to his work at a reading hosted by Carleton University’s InWords. I was surprised at how nice and friendly he is as a person despite being so dark and malcontent as a poet.

Check out his first collection of poetry, Metropantheon, published by Signature Editions, and his chapbook, 400 Rabbits, available now from Angel House Press. You can also just follow him on Twitter.

Below is a questionnaire he filled out for me and an excerpt from 400 Rabbits.

steven artelle

Excerpted from 400 Rabbits, republished courtesy of the author:

burrowing, all this burrowing in the underworld

like earthworms with no design but self-preservation

no gods above, not even ourselves to wonder at

and still it’s the cities I miss most, one rabbit cried

our divinity was nothing without the cities

the cities with their night fires and their cavernous days

and praise and praise and praise was the pulse of our dancing

so high in the masonry it seemed the avenues

below were pressed deep into the wet clay of the world

and hardened the towers even before there was blood

and blood and blood was the source of every climbing light

every shadow spilling from the white terraces

music echoing from the swollen architecture

and our passions levered from the sewers to the stars

and the candle wax windows and the tables we drummed

and in our wild hundreds inebriated throughout

the inebriated citizenry in their wild

drumming throughout the cities and cities and cities

and now, as though we lost everything in a landslide

as though we’ve been swallowed, this citiless burrowing

Kellie Hogan

Kellie Hogan is the only person who Kellie Hogan finds funny; don’t even try to make her laugh unless you’ve won a daytime Emmy. She gets most of her work done at 3 am, after spending the entire day sleeping, painting her nails, and writing to-do lists. She's a Peggy Olsen at work and a Peggy Olsen in the bedroom. She is the Editor-in-Chief of inconnu.

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