Selfie Cooking: PB-Chocolate-Oreo Shweddy Balls

Someone get Pete Shweddy on the phone.

Joanna Harkins

January 31, 2014 | Sweat | February 2014

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Shweddy Balls find their origin in the now classic SNL skit featuring Alec Baldwin pictured above. While usually they’re thought of as a holiday treat, in honor of SWEAT, i’ve repurposed them as desserts that work for any time of the year, perhaps even as a treat for your valentine.

The following recipe is less a set of precise steps you need to take to reach a certain result, and more just vague guidelines…basically its a lot of fun to do and really hard to mess up. You won’t find exact measurements here.

Nobody can resist our chocolate, peanut butter and Oreo flavored Shweddy Balls.

What you’ll need:
1. One dozen chocolate cupcakes – make them from scratch or use a pre-made batter. Hey, I don’t judge, how you make those is up to you.
2. One bag of peanut butter and chocolate flavored morsels like these from Nestle.
3. One row of Oreos (approx 12 cookies) crushed into oblivion.
4. One heaping tablespoon of hot chocolate mix – or more if you’re feelin’ particularly indulgent.
5. Parchment paper.

Alright, let’s get goin.

First, prepare your cupcakes. This cooked batter will serve as the base and the binding agent for our balls, so don’t skimp on the oil or water – they need to be moist enough to hold things together. I’m using an easy pre-made batter (sorry, mom).


Pause for an intimate portrait with the Pillsbury Doughboy AKA Poppin’ Fresh (No, that’s really his name).

Before popping whatever concoction you’ve decided to whip up into the oven, add that one heaping tablespoon of hot chocolate mix to the bowl just to add an extra lil sometin’ somethin’. You gotta treat yo self.


Great. Get those bad boys in the oven. Burned cupcakes are sad, so make sure to set an alarm and don’t almost get carried away taking selfies like I did.

While those are cooking, melt your bag of peanut butter and chocolate morsels (Try saying “morsels” out loud, it sounds creepy). Over suuuuper low heat and constantly mixing to avoid burning. Set aside once there are no more lumps.

Now for the best part! CRUSH the Oreos. Crush them with the same force you would use to crush the hopes and dreams of past lovers who have done you wrong. I’m using a chef’s knife to chop and crush mine because i’m (probably) a culinary professional, but you can really use anything. Spoons, your fists, pent up anxiety.


It should end up looking something like this:


Once the cupcakes are done and cooled a little bit, you’re going to crumble them up and combine them with the crushed Oreos.

PRO TIP: try to combine the Oreos and cupcake batter while the cupcakes are still a kinda warm (NOT hot), it will help everything stick together. If you’re having trouble making everything stay in ball form, add some peanut butter as a binding agent.

They should look like this:


Now it’s time to combine both parts of our recipe – dip the balls into the still slightly warm chocolate and peanut butter mixture we melted earlier. Using a spoon coat the balls on all sides.


Place on parchment paper and leave in the fridge until hard.




Joanna Harkins

Joanna just graduated from NYU with a degree in Food Studies and French. She hopes to one day be a big fancy restaurant critic/food writer/ the next Oprah. Her interests include Elvis Costello, diners and hoarding magazines.

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