New Glow

“Covering all the ugly parts and making sure the brighter ones become bigger again.”

Jonno Revanche

October 10, 2014 | The Coffee Table Book | Fall 2014

New glow is people in imaginary places, lights glowing upon unsuspecting audiences and fragments left behind while life happens in the meantime. It is a collection of images which stuck out to me from the last 3 months, months in which I personally felt my experiences grow and expand in a beautiful fulfilling way. These postcards from this time perfectly represent these feelings and how they occurred sometimes in the dead of night. They did not come in a way that was obnoxious or arrive with untidy announcements, but they were subtle and beautiful in their own way. New glow shows a new perspective on how the colours in my world have come to slowly show themselves again. They are details from a much larger painting – but I am covering all the ugly parts and making sure the brighter ones become bigger again.











Jonno Revanche

Jonno Revanche— a name that is half sci-fi invention, half nickname narrative and hot mess— is the photo editor of Inconnu. As an illustrator and photographer, their art practice is focused on the creepy, the saccharine, and escapist fantasies. They are the editor of Vaein zine, based in Adelaide, Australia.

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