Mornings: Naked Routine

A quiet morning spent with a coffee and cigarette.

Cassie Reeder

October 7, 2014 | The Coffee Table Book | Fall 2014

Every day we wake up and prepare for our day with a unique routine. After all is said and done we have slathered ourselves in masks and façades and set up barriers to allow ourselves to make it through the hours unscathed. We live under scrutiny and unrealistic beauty standards and fiercely competitive mental expectations. Before we face all this we are the most perfect human beings we could possibly be. This series, shot in 35mm film, attempts to capture the simplicity of a morning routine. It works to promote positive body image by enunciating the beauty of bodies belonging to average human beings. But it focuses on the intimacy at play in a persons home life; the subtle delicacy of making oneself breakfast or feeding a pet in their safe haven.













Cassie Reeder

Cassie Reeder is a young artist living and working in Brooklyn. She focuses her work on the beauty of intimacy, the bareness of nudity and the value of simplicity in a highly saturated and complex world. She works in analogue photography as well as sculpture. Her art is found most often in public installations and self published books.

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  1. Caroline
    November 11, 2014

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    LOVE IT! and miss you, come to australia!

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