In Other Words… Mixtape by Dakota Blue

Ride the chillest of waves all summer long with these ambient frequencies.


June 7, 2015 | Infinite Abyss | Spring 2015

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Dakota Blue has assembled an exclusive mixtape for you to enjoy. In Other Words... is a mixtape of all of his favorite instrumental and non-English speaking songs, curated for your listening pleasure.

The mixtape coincides with the release of Dakota’s new single, “After Dark”, a two-minute long dark love song. You can hear more from Dakota on his Bandcamp page. x


1. Rose & Beast – Haruomi Hosono

2. Yegell Tezela – Mulatu Astake

3. Pushing The Car – Krzysztof Komeda

4. Prelude A 60 Round – Cortex

5. Cherry-Colored Funk – Cocteau Twins

6. Bangkok by Night – Johnny Guitar

7. Brazil To Uruguay – Sam Smith

8. Midnight in San Juan – Danny Kirwan

9. Sombre Reptiles – Brian Eno

10. Kiwi Maddog 20/20 – Elliott Smith

11. *BONUS TRACK* Yucca – Dakota Blue

Listen to the playlist on Spotify, on 8Tracks, or click here to download the mixtape and never let it go.

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