Let’s Get Physical

Sweat-style inspiration from Jeanne-Claude Van Damme to Sporty Spice.

Miranda Lorikeet

January 30, 2014 | Sweat | February 2014

I’d like to thank Olivia Newton-John, Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda; for inspiring me to look like I have been to the gym, when I have actually just been sitting on the couch all day eating Pringles; for the Lycra, for the big hair, and for the high-cut thong leotards. Long live 1980s fitness icons and their greasy bodies, dripping with sweat and fake tan! Thank you, 90s Jean Claude van Damme, for your ridiculously toned glutes. My love for pastel colours and Lycra can be traced back to Olivia Newtown-John in Xanadu. A special shout-out to Mel C AKA Sporty Spice for making sweat look sexy and pony tails look fierce. And an extra special thanks to 1998 Aerobics OZ-style for the three-quarter pants, halter-neck work out tank tops, and the upper-arm tribal tattoos.

sweat1 sweat4 sweat2 sweat3

Image 1: Top – Agent 99, Shorts – Paper Heart, Shoes – Windsor Smith
Image 2: Top – Adidas Originals, Bike Shorts – Adidas Originals, Shoes – Reebok
Image 3. Top – Topshop Boutique, Bike Shorts – Mink Pink, Shoes – Windsor Smith
Image 4: Top – Adidas Originals, Bike Shorts – Adidas Originals, Shoes – The White Pepper (online)

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Miranda Lorikeet

Miranda lives in Sydney and works a 9-5 office job that allows her to spend 8 hours on MS Paint drawing stuff. Her art has been featured on The Huffington Post, It's Nice That, Buzzfeed, Booooooom, and more.

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