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Who the fuck is Plaaastic and where the hell does she find her rad clothes?

Andrea Eyssautier

July 7, 2014 | Summer 2014


We all know by now that today, more than ever, one of the most important weapons to have in the fashion world is social media. It has made a huge impact in our generation as a whole, and has opened the way to thousands of opportunities because anyone in the world could see artists, stylists, bloggers, an designers. Our guest today is G., a dancer and photographer who happens to run a fantastic fashion blog. She is here to tell us her unique story, and with a little luck, share the secrets she has on how to create a vibe that will get you noticed.

G. is a 20 year old student from Singapore, originally from Vietnam. She’s the owner of the blog Plaaastic and has collaborated with lots of brands because of her obvious talent plus a strong work ethic. Here, Andrea talks to G. about styling, fashion photography, and being a total blogging babe.

inconnu: What were your dreams when you lived in Vietnam? What were you doing before you moved to Singapore?

G: I’ve never actually had a dream; I don’t see myself as being any particular thing in the future. I felt that way when I moved here and I still feel that way now. I just want to be happy. In Vietnam I was still doing what I am doing now, without the fashion blogging part. I was very focused on dancing when I was younger.

What would you say, has been the hardest thing for you about moving to Singapore?

It is the Singapore culture; I just can’t seem to fit in at all. 5 years have passed, and Singapore culture is still the wall separating me from everyone else.

Do you think that it affected your style or ways of expressing yourself?

Yes definitely. I used to be a very social person, i used to work as an MC too. I talked a lot and I was way hyper all the time. But now, I have no friends and unable to find anyone to share my way of thinking, so I turned to social media to seek for empathy and friendship.

How would you describe yourself and your style to our readers?

I am very unstable, in everything. Mentally, I may love something today, despite it by the time the sun goes down. Same thing goes for my style, I went out in the morning wearing fluffy earring and sneakers, but a moment later i got on PVC head to toe with monster platform.

Do you like the same kind of things when you were younger?

I do like the same thing when I was younger, but I guess my taste has grown with me overtime as I mature. I have been dancing and taking photos since I was 12, and I am still doing it now 8 years later. However I wasn’t that into fashion when I was young. Don’t get me wrong, I had this crazy love for cosplay when I was younger and people thought of me as a freak way long before i moved to Singapore; but in Vietnam the fashion scene was just too boring and everyone look the same. Only when I moved to Singapore I got the chance to connect with people who was into fashion, and it provoke the love of playing dress up inside me once again.

Do you have a job right now? If so, what is it about?

I have a million jobs, literally. Singapore is too expensive, and in order to afford myself, I work any job possible. I freelance all things, from fashion photography, wedding photography, stylist, writing for newspaper to organize dance events, all kind of social media specialist job.. Sometimes when it is too tough, I even work as a waitress or even web designing ( yes I am serious ). Fashion blogging sounds fancy, but it doesn’t paid the bill (hopefully, yet).

What are you studying in school right now? In the future where would you like to work?

Funny, nobody ever asked about my school before. Once of the reason I hate school: I know that it is useless. I been working for so long and nobody ever care about what I am studying. But since you ask, I am studying Mass Communication and I still have no idea where I want to work yet.

What activities do you enjoy the most? What inspires you?

I think I just love being busy. It keeps me alive. I just can’t choose between dancing, doing photograph, stylist, or travel. I just want to do everything and be everything.

What collaborations have you worked on?

So many OMG. I have been collaborating with over 50 brands worldwide. Either as a blogger or a photographer. I just love working with cult brands and independent designers.

Do you consider yourself an artistic person?

I may be the least artistic artist, or the most artistic non artist; no idea which is more “me”.

What motivated you to create the Plaaastic 0nline store?

When I created Plaaastic! clothing, I remembered that I was browsing in all type of online store and it was just too expensive for a 17 years old student like me. I wanted to make an original brand with original design, but with affordable price for teenagers. Also, I love making clothes so I wanted to show off that side of myself to the world as well.

Was it hard keeping up the store?

It was too difficult. Dance, work, school, shop, part time job, and everything else. It was so stressful but I was enjoying the stress at the same time. Do you get what I mean? I guess I’m the type of person who only can work well when someone is chasing my ass haha.

What made you end up closing it?

I closed it down at its peak. It was growing and growing, it was crazy. Only in 6 months I created a huge store, with a huge amount of stress. But I realize that I was missing out too many things in life. I can’t dance much anymore, I don’t even travel anymore, I was neglecting everything I once love. And I know the money, the business is starting to control me, and I am getting “there”, but I am leaving everything else behind as well. So I though “well fuck that, I am too young to commit”, so I closed it down, back my backpack and go on travel again. It was painful but it also was one of the best decision I have ever made. Because after I closed it down, I opened my blog and i am loving it so much now. Also, one of the very very big reason I closed it down was because I wanted to go to Africa to do more charity work, and if I was going for months, the shop simply can’t survive.

I’ve also seen that you’re a dancer and a photography enthusiast, tell us more about it! How has dancing affected your life?

Dancing is wonderful, dancing is my drug. When i dance, I am the most carefree I can be. I don’t give a damn about how I looks like anymore, about what people think of me, about what am I doing. It is just me and the music.

Do you take your own photos? What kind of photography do you enjoy the most?

Yes, all of the photos on my blog are taken by me. I am a visual creature, I just love seeing the world I live in in different point of views, and I use photography as a tool to capture moments. If you see my photos, you will see people doing everyday thing, with love, with lust, with passion, with a twist. I love teenage awkwardness, I love body language and I love how I can transform the thought in my brain into an actual visual object – a picture.

And for our last question, do you feel any pressure with your fashion blog? What would your advice be to all the new bloggers around the world?

It do feel pressure sometimes. But most of the time, I’m just loving it. There is this one thing that makes me very sad though, young bloggers nowadays, they don’t do it for the passion. When they think about blogging, they think “free clothes, popularity and privileges”. Well, it doesn’t work that way. Everything takes time and dedication, and once popularity comes, it goes very fast. So do it if you love it, don’t do it for any other reason, or you are just simply wasting your time.


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Andrea Eyssautier

Andrea Eyssautier is a Mexican student from a small town near the USA border. An aspiring fashion photographer, she loves anything related to art, painting, fashion, photography or vegan food. She 16 and a sophomore in High School. To see my work or talk to her you can follow her tumblr or her fashion blog.

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