Grace “Hell-of-a-Big-Deal” Helbig

By Taylor Brogan

Taylor Brogan

June 2, 2014 | The Future | Print #3

Ed Note: This piece initially ran in the October 2013 Future Issue. Since publication, Helbig has left DailyGrace, which is owned by My Damn Channel, and is now making videos on her own channel, ItsGrace.

Grace Helbig’s DailyGrace persona has become the designated inspiration for a generation of smart and funny ladies on the internet. But for those of you who are uninitiated, there are a few things you should know about her. For one, she’s amassed over 1 million subscribers in her five years of daily video blog making. That’s five videos every week for five years. Grace has not gone on hiatus, and she hasn’t lost steam. It takes a real kind of genius to keep the jokes fresh and relevant when there’s so much content being produced, but Helbig has more than managed to do it.


The DailyGrace vlog, though, which exists both on YouTube and at, was just the genesis of Helbig’s career. Book deals, feature length films, national commercials, acting jobs – these are all part of Helbig’s reality. Grace got her first big acting gig playing Idol on the Fine Brother’s critically acclaimed interactive web show, called MyMusic (all while filming and editing her own daily web show). Have you seen those My Lowes commercials? That’s Grace. What about vH1’s Best Week Ever? G4’s Attack of the Show? Been to a UCB Comedy show?

Helbig and her best friends, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart, have brought their own brand of comedy around the country on the #NoFilter tour (all while filming and editing their own shows). Helbig, Hart, and Hart are also starring together in the upcoming feature-length film Camp Takota. Are you starting to get it?

I can think of few people who have it in them to be as consistently funny and smart in as many arenas as Grace has been. And with that, here is a brief Q&A with the soon-to-be legend herself.

Taylor: If you had a boat, what would you name it, and why?


What is one inconnu (or “unknown”) fact about you?

I’ve drunk eaten a pork burrito while being a pescatarian.

Would you be willing to trade the internet for magical powers (Harry Potter style – there are muggles)?


Where do you see the DailyGrace persona going in the next year? Do you have any plans to scale back?

I’m not totally sure where DailyGrace will go, but I’m hoping to take Grace Helbig into TV, film and books. And then maybe to that existential crisis meeting.*

What were your biggest influences when you were growing up? Books, shows, role models, etc.

My brothers. I have two step and two full and they were always the funniest to me.

What was your first “dream job”?

I interned at Late Night with Conan O’Brien when I was a senior in college and that was pretty special.

If you could trade places with any fictional character for a day, who would it be?

Sleeping Beauty. I have not been sleeping well lately.

Was there ever a moment you were close to giving up on comedy? And how (if applicable) did you get through it?

I haven’t had that moment yet, but the advice I give to people is to check in with yourself from time to time and make sure what you’re doing feels fun to you. If it’s not, make some changes. #Obama2012

Desert island: five snacks. What are they?

Pita chips, guacamole, those tortilla chips with lime, chocolate, vodka

Grace_Kondrath_073013_044-2671228586-OPhotography by Jon Kondrath
Taylor Brogan

Taylor is a Los Angeles-based idiot with a degree in English from the University of Chicago. She wants to write your favorite TV show.

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