Taylor Brogan went to Google’s YouTube Space in midtown New York to hangout and chat with the girls of Emotistyle.

Taylor Brogan

June 2, 2014 | The Future | Print #3

Molly Austin and Shamikah Martinez are aesthetic gurus, but they are not your average Streaming Fashionistas. Their channel Emotistyle is like a Beauty Guru TARDIS, transporting their audience to a dimension in which fashion and comedy are one and the same. Every week, they answer viewers’ pressing style questions with equal parts inherent fashion sense and straight up fucking hilariousness. But if you were to ask these New York-based comedians what Emotistyle was all about, they would tell you to look beyond their bodacious (and totally well-dressed) mannequin Patrícia and see that it really is all about the comedy.


Taylor: Who are your biggest influences, both in terms of fashion and comedy?

Molly Austin: For comedy I would have to say Lucille Ball, Carol Channing and Maria Bamford. For fashion, I would have to say Cher (WWCD, What Would Cher Do), Vida Boheme from To Wong Foo, The Nanny and Pru from Charmed. Always Pru…

Shamikah Martinez: Comedy – Gilda, Lucy, Whoopi, and Tina Fey, Tracey Ullman, JOAN MF’ing RIVERS! I also enjoy the musical comedy tunes of Garfunkle & Oates and hope that Emotistyle can do a collab with them one day. Fashion: Rita Hayworth, Di from Clueless, Hilary from Fresh Prince (love those 90s).

How has YouTube helped you to achieve your goals? 

MA: I love to make people laugh. YouTube has helped me reach a lot of people and tickle them in their armpits and touch their belly buttons.

SM: We’ve reached a large audience of young women, something I’ve always wanted to do – but never thought we could reach such a large number of them through the YouTubes!

Would you be willing to give up the internet for magical powers?

MA: I can speak for both of us when I say we would never be faced with that decision. We both already possess magic powers. We are kind of like witches. You ever watch Charmed? It’s like that. It is on Netflix watch instantly, if you need to catch up.

Fashion has often been perceived as a kind of trite, shallow interest. What do you think that says about our society, and what would you say to the people who think it doesn’t matter?

MA: People who say they don’t care about fashion are full of beans. If you put pants on you have put some kind of thought into it. Fashion is the only expressive art form that is primarily geared towards women so of course it is perceived in a negative light. Are there douchey aspects? Sure, but there are douchey aspects to music too. Justin Bieber exists, but no one is ever gonna call someone a dick for being into playing the guitar.

SM: I wouldn’t say anything to people who think fashion doesn’t matter, because to them maybe it doesn’t. And that’s okay for them. I enjoy expressing who I am by the hot pants I put on my butt. But, no one is going to agree on everything, right guys?

How do you think Emotistyle fits into the world of YouTube beauty gurus?

SM: If the world of beauty gurus were a neat coloring book, Emotistyle would be the crayons going all over the page, outside the lines, and probably some glitter thrown on the page.

MA: Doesn’t really. We are more comedy based than beauty based. (Don’t tell Patricia.) I also think that makes it fun. I don’t know. We have the nicest subscribers in the world. They probs have a better answer than mine.

Where do you see Emotistyle in the next 6 months? In the next 6 years?

MA: I would love to turn it into a TV show and a lifestyle brand while keeping the channel as more of a vlogging outlet so we can still talk to our Internet friends.

SM: You know how the Spice Girls went on a world tour with that double decker bus? Yeah…

Who are the most underrated stand up comedians working today?

MA: Maria Bamford. She should be making it rain like Diddy in the 90s. I don’t know what her bank account is like, but if it isn’t ballin out of control it should be.

SM: Yeah, when is Maria Bamford gonna get a personal umbrella holder up in here? (P.U.H. – I think the trademark belongs to Diddy though.)

What are your favorite YouTube channels?

MA: Hannah Hart/Barely Political. Anastasia Douglas is one of the most hilarious humans ever conceived in a womb.

SM: Chescaleigh, Daily Grace, Hannah Hart, BP, anything with singing babies in it. Babies can be anyone under ten years old.

Desert island: you get 5 non-essential accessories / items of clothing. What do you bring with you?

MA: Anything with sequins or glitter. If I’m stranded I’m probably gonna be naked but I would hate to lose the joy of sparkles.
SM: A giant J-Lo style hat so my head doesn’t burn, and the other 4 would be some sort of edible accessory because YOU GUYS – if I don’t eat like every 4 hours there’s gonna be trouble.

What is one inconnu (“unknown”) fact about yourself? About Emotistyle?

MA: I didn’t have bangs when we decided to make Emotistyle. I didn’t cut them until one week before our first shoot. They were funky at first. I think it made Sham a little nervous, I know I was.

SM: My “day job” is a music video producer. My favorite band to work with so far has been Fall Out Boy. Emotistyle secret: the first episode we ever did, we borrowed a letter from the “Dear Abby” website to get the audience to start sending in their own letters.

Taylor Brogan

Taylor is a Los Angeles-based idiot with a degree in English from the University of Chicago. She wants to write your favorite TV show.

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