Cocktail Anatomy: Music Festival Edition

Stay hydrated.

Jenne Afiya Matthews

April 25, 2014 | Festival | May 2014


Summer Goth

This drink takes its name from this story we did awhile back and it is the perfect thing to sip while casually judging/people watching from your tent/blanket/etc. Sunglasses and dark attire are optional.

– 2 or 3 shots of vodka

– 1 can of grape soda

– orange slices, to taste

Mix vodka and grape soda. Add as many orange slices as you desire and commence the apathetic vibes.


Crop Top

It’s the half shirt that just won’t go away. You might even be wearing one right now. So in honor of this trend du jour, lets toast.

– 2 shots gin

– 1 can ginger beer

– a splash of peach juice

– ice

Combine all in a large cup, one of those gas station/souvenir types if you’ve got it. And even if you’ve never worn one now you can tell your grandkids “I definitely crop topped, once”.


The Distance

It feels like you’ve just ran a marathon. You’ve walked and danced and sweated. And sweated some more. Now its time to refuel.

– 1 bottle hard cider

– 1 shot rum

– sports drink of choice

Shoot that rum and chase it with your electrolyte-filled whatever. Now relax with your hard cider and get a few breaths in before the next set.

Collages by Molly Mask.

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