Comic Sans: “Bloody”

Words by Adam November. Illustrations by Ilenia Madelaire.

Ilenia Madelaire

July 22, 2014 | Summer 2014

A lump grows on top of my uncle’s head. He tries to cover it but is unsuccessful. Under his worn and faded hat there is a lump the size of at least two baseball’s. Death is making it’s way on the top of his head. “It’s nothing” he says. “Don’t worry about it” he says. As we go out for a family dinner, blood spurts out from the lump, like lava from a volcano.



The blood seeps through the hat and the old brown faded hat turns a deep red color. Everybody looks on at our table to see the human volcano, but is more concerned about their own dining experience than my uncles incessant bleeding and probable death. “Im never coning back here again, this is where that guy bled from the top of his head, disgusting”, I hear them saying.


A part of me and my teenage curiosity wants to touch it. I stare at it intently from a distance safe enough where blood won’t spurt on me. Everybody panics. The look on my uncle’s face is neutral. The look on my face is neutral. I don’t know what will happen but I want to take the pain away. I want to blast the lump with a stick or a baseball bat and pop it, defeating death by playing whack-a mole. I want to take the pain away but it’s too late. I want to look away as the blood now covers my uncle’s ears. Everybody panics. We finish our dinner.


Adam November lives in Brooklyn, NY. He studies Political Science and Sociology. He usually has complex and interesting thoughts while intoxicated that others can’t seem to relate to. He talks to nobody in particular and is 21. This is his first publication. 
Ilenia Madelaire

Ilenia Madelaire was born on January 16, 1985 in Asuncion, Paraguay. She is a Capricorn, with a Capricorn rising and with a moon in Scorpio. She prefers long, lonesome walks at night when the city is quiet and different than it was before dark. She finds herself happiest when she is making funny pictures and engaging in other escapist activities, such as playing drums every single day and not looking for an actual job that pays her money for things she dislikes doing. She is obsessed with Buddy Holly, alternate endings, and the shape of her husband's skull. Her favorite food is vegan chocolate cake with really thick chocolate icing. "It has to be thick", she says, or else she'll just eat it out of spite.

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