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Margeaux Perkins has made it her life's mission to never be described with the terms "shy", "boring", or "quiet". She tries to find happiness in the little things in life, like making her boyfriend's lunch with the early morning sun peeking through the windows or going pee after holding it in for too long. Writing has been her thing since she wrote her first short story at age 12. It was an 18-page Microsoft Word Document about a 20-something New York gal who falls in love with her male best friend. She's been tickling the backlit Mac ebonies ever since.


Summer Affectionate Disorder

“She was in town to go to The Hamptons, where her father was getting re-married. Daniel Craig would be there.”

sodder kids

Ice Ice Baby: Investigating Cold Cases

Get your amateur Sherlock Holmes feet wet with these unsolved mysteries.


Just Beans

“Coffee tastes like sadness. It tastes like a 40-year-old divorcee who had to give up her lucrative homemade lotion business for a 7-year-old bratty son who will definitely grow up to become a serial killer.”


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All that Glitters Isn’t Platinum, Copper, or Gold

We’re trading humanity for hatred, humanity for technology. Humanity’s a bitch.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Real life, not the Nickelodeon show.

February 28, 2014 |

new years resolutions

I Resolve to Exercise

I hate working out. I hate that I ever loved working out. I hate all of the pictures of toned girls with Helvetica font saying things like “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”