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Gabrielle attends the University of Chicago, where she studies Character Development (for real). She hates the phrase “guilty pleasure,” but loves “chick flick.” Her dream is to tell stories about the people she isn’t and to never grow out of her 90s teen angst phase (which she entered relatively late, at the age of 18). She can be found tweeting on one of six Twitter accounts at any given time.


Striking Gold

These characters are probably the reason TV was invented.

scooby thubm

TV Tropes: Scooby Gang

Looks like the gang’s all here.


Remember the Tissues

Football movies (and TV shows) will make you cry. It’s physics.

cake cock

Are you there Cake Vodka? It’s me, Sober.

What to do with everyone’s favorite Terrible Vodka.

twin peaks

Cakify TV

Imagining our favorite television shows as cupcakes.