An Exercise In Happiness – Music

Sing me the blues.

Gabrielle Ross

February 28, 2014 | Fog | March 2014

Lon Gisland by Beirut is the ultimate soundtrack to Summer:


Within this EP resides this amazing song that encapsulates my early twenties:

Whenever I listen to it, I recall long beach days, followed by lazy heat-filled afternoons riding around in my friend’s 1985 brown Volvo, arms sticking out of the windows, making waves. The 3:29 mark brings to mind bonfires, marshmallows, laughter and dancing.


You can listen to the EP here (USA) or here (Rest of the world).

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Gabby is an Acadian who’s missing the sea and splitting her time completing her Master of Social Work at UOttawa and watching TV. She also writes for Fantastic Fangirls & Heroine TV and tweets at @gloryisben.

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