An Exercise In Happiness – Group Activity

Swap your clothes like you live in a commune.

Gabrielle Ross

February 28, 2014 | Fog | March 2014

One of the things I learned this Winter is that isolating myself was very counterproductive to  getting over my feelings of dread and un-motivation. I took it upon myself to meet my friends for coffees and teas more frequently, and attend more planned events (a winter beer festival? count me in!). By far, though, my favorite group activity of Winter 2014 was a clothes swap with a bunch of strangers.


The clothes swap is a super simple activity to plan, and it has the bonus of being frugal, environmentally friendly and body-positive. Essentially, you round up a bunch of people, ask them all to bring a bag of their old clothes, and when they get to your place, you dump the whole thing on the floor and everybody gets to rummage through it and pick and choose their favorites. It’s your very own thrift shop, without the neon lights!


My friend Angela invited me to a clothes swap on a Sunday afternoon, with her friends that I had never met. Not only was there an array of beautiful clothes to choose from, there was also homemade bread and dip for snacks, homemade nachos and pizza for dinner and the wine flowing a’plenty. I also got rid of a bunch of old clothes I’d been lugging around for ages, and it felt really good to start fresh.


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Gabby is an Acadian who’s missing the sea and splitting her time completing her Master of Social Work at UOttawa and watching TV. She also writes for Fantastic Fangirls & Heroine TV and tweets at @gloryisben.

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