Submission Guidelines


We rely on submissions from you to fuel the magazine engine, so please submit often and with a vengeance. The single most important thing is that your submissions fit with the general tone and voice of inconnu, and the easiest way to figure that out is to read our past issues. That’s tip number one. Send it to zoom:


We are open to submissions of practically any kind, but here is a list of content that we like to publish, in case you really can’t think of anything:


What we love to publish:

  • Profiles & Interviews (1000+ words).
  • Spotlights on new art, aka stuff that you haven’t seen anywhere else.
  • Original art in any form (be that poetry, photography, video, or short fiction).
  • Pop culture essays, analyses (TV Tropes, Remember the Tissues, etc.)

We also run a bunch of different features in every issue, and we love receiving them as submissions!


  • Odd-Shaped Candle of the Month (tip: troll
  • Snapchat Horoscopes (“astrology”)
  • Screensharing (literally sharing your experience of something on the World Wide Web)
  • Selfie Cooking (but you must have a food degree, jk)
  • Tourist in your own Town (photo essays are best for this feature)
  • 8tracks playlists (try to include a title and creative description)
  • BFF Material (chat with a babe that you wanna be best buds with!)
More Pro-tips:
  • We love your personal essays and musings, but keep in mind that these tend to be the most common kind of submission, so you need to be original.
  • Send a short, snappy pitch! Don’t ramble. Just tell us your idea. It’s so much easier for us to respond and advice on these than it is on your 10,000 word manuscript.
  • Don’t take our rejections personally, so much of it is just based on our own preferences.
  • Humor, wit and sarcasm will take you far.

Submit to!