The 5 People You Meet At Dinner: Gavin McInnes

The VICE Co-Founder, Ad Man and Restauranteur tells us his dream dinner guests.


April 16, 2014 | The Future | Print #3

inconnu: If you could invite any five people – dead, alive, real or imaginary – over for dinner, who would you choose?

Gavin McInnes: Norman Borlaug and Mötley Crüe — we would eat Southern food and drink bourbon at my restaurant The Cardinal.

gavin mcinnes


Gavin McInnes co-founded Vice back in the day. Now he is the Chief Creative Officer of super cool ad agency Rooster. He is the author of The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, DOs & DON’Ts, Street Boners, and most recently The Death of Cool. Gavin writes for television, and is a regular guest panelist for a number of Fox News programs


Illustration by Clare Drummond.

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