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Kiss Me Thru The Phone

A language dies when people stop speaking, when they start cutting up the ones they love into pieces so that they fit into metaphors.


Presenting THE TUTS!

Our favorite girl group talks feminism, dynamics, & the power of politics in music.


Summer Affectionate Disorder

“She was in town to go to The Hamptons, where her father was getting re-married. Daniel Craig would be there.”

sodder kids

Ice Ice Baby: Investigating Cold Cases

Get your amateur Sherlock Holmes feet wet with these unsolved mysteries.


Style of a Certain Age

Does how we dress influence who we are? Can personal style bridge the generation gap? After all, what are we if not just naked bodies draped in cloth?

Kate Bush circa Never for Ever (1980)

Waking the Witch

Originally persecuted as a threat to Christendom — pop culture made witches into sexy, powerful and rebellious women, appealing to a whole new era of teenaged Tumblr aestheticists.